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Category Archive PEI (Ultem-1000)

PEI (Ultem-1000)

PEI (Ultem-1000)



Material Introduction: PEI has good mechanical and heat resistance, strong creep resistance and excellent dimensional stability. Its torsional strength is the highest in plastic, and it works steadily in high temperature water and steam. the long term working temperature is 170 ℃. It meets the requirements of biocompatibility and food grade materials.

Product features: Excellent dimensional stability, electrical insulation, flame retardant, less smoke combustion, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, high mechanical properties.

Scope of application: Electronic and electrical, aviation parts, mechanical processing, automotive industry, medical equipment, food industry, etc.

Application: miniature relay shell, circuit board, coil, soft circuit, reflector, high precision optical fiber element, aircraft head component, handle of medical surgical instrument, tray, fixture, prosthesis, medical lamp reflector and dental appliance, etc.

Color: Natural color, black

Sheet: T * W * L 6-100mm×620mm×1230mm
Rod: Dia. * L 6-150mm×1000mm